Nicolas Delvoie


I am an optimistic fellow, always keen to explore new paths around any inaccessible stronghold. If there is a secret gateway, I'll find it! And I don't mind the scratches. Law has unexpectedly provided me many opportunities to express the creativity that has driven me from my very young age. This was a massive surprise to me, which led me through my studies and, later on, that I now embrace with passion and enthusiasm through my practice. After all, interpreting and rearranging words is not that far away from picking notes on a mandolin or a guitar, which I enjoy doing. Although I concede that performing on a stage is slightly different from pleading before a Court (or is it, really ?).


Estate planning Consumer protection Litigation Civil Banking and finance Family Governance Real estate Alternative dispute resolution Pension Distribution Private equity Private Wealth International Data protection Insurance Corporate Commercial IP/IT Tax Legal Interim Management Liability Contract Environmental Law Business Criminal Law Compliance


You are stubborn, Nicolas! Yes, I am, which is precisely what leads me to the quite systematic completion of what I start with a pragmatic approach.

But I am also seen as a person of empathy, able to immediately identify the issues and needs at stake and provide a tailor-made and ready-to-use solution.

People like to point out my mischievous and teasing inclinations, emphasizing the pleasant balance they provide between the job's rigor and the need for a privileged relationship.


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