Nicolas Kalombayi


I am Belgian, born in Brussels, with Congolese roots. Beside death and taxes, only two things in my life are certain: music and futsal. I take a deep interest in music, which allows me to clear my mind, express my emotions, and be creative. I play piano on a regular basis, and I am a big fan of jazz music. I also practice futsal at least three times a week.


Alternative dispute resolution. Banking and finance. Benefits. Business Criminal Law. Civil. Commercial. Compliance. Consumer protection. Contract. Corporate. Data protection. Disruptive. Distribution. Environmental Law. Estate planning. Family Governance. Global. Growth. Insurance. International. IP/IT. Join Us. Legal Interim Management. Liability. Litigation. One Firm. Pension. Private equity. Private Wealth. Real estate. Tax. Values.


What strikes people with Nicolas is his constant strive for preciseness and mastery in his work. He always goes the whole hog, and it is always a pleasure to work with him!

Nicolas listens, observes, and brings a structured and clear reasoning. He has an analytical mind.

Nicolas, he is a shoulder to lean on. He is never judgmental and inspires confidence.


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