We are

Legal Interim Management – also called secondment – consists of a lawyer performing legal services from his clients' premises, most often for fixed fees decided in advance.

Ethikos' lawyers have a long experience in different sectors: banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, fintech, energy ...

Aware of its singularity on the market, Ethikos has registered the trademark Field Lawyer®.

This new way of working corresponds to our values and offers our customers the following guarantees:

  • Transparency
    Our clients are in direct and continuous contact with our lawyers and have total visibility of their work.

  • Cost control
    Since our lawyers work daily, our clients decide in advance how many lawyers and days they need without jeopardizing their budget.

  • Immediate added value ("plug & play")
    Because of their long-standing expertise, our lawyers are immediately operational. As a result, their added value can be seen as soon as they arrive in the company.

  • Pragmatism
    The proximity that our lawyers develop with our clients allows them to offer pragmatic solutions that consider their constraints, needs, and objectives.

  • Soft skills
    Thanks to their long experience in secondment to companies, our lawyers have developed numerous "soft skills" that enable them to integrate our clients' teams quickly.

  • Professional secrecy
    Our lawyers are bound by professional secrecy, which is punishable under criminal law and ethical standards. This constitutes an additional guarantee to ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted by our clients.