Carvalho Moreira


Portuguese, born with sunshine, raised with great food, and surrounded by warm and welcoming people… After more than ten years of a solid career in Civil and Commercial Litigation, with an expertise in Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring, the idea of an international experience started to take place and at the beautiful age of 33, after 2 weeks of intensive French lessons (that did not help that much…), I shipped my belongings and exported myself to Luxembourg, the left ventricle of Europe’s hearth, and only to realise that, finally, I was not too old to adapt to a new culture, to a new legal system and re-start my career, that people from central Europe are not grey and cold and that the weather… Well, my levels of vitamin D have never been so low… Proud mother of a lovely 2-year-old girl who inherited not only the looks of mommy but also the character and sense of humour, my free time is mostly spent between dolls, stories and songs, some hiking, not as much travelling as would appreciate and, last but not least, a very, very cold beer in in a sunny afternoon, with the ocean in front of my eyes and listening to good old school rock music.


Family Governance Commercial Consumer protection Legal Interim Management International Environmental Law Private equity Business Criminal Law Civil Insurance Alternative dispute resolution Banking and finance Litigation Distribution Pension Tax IP/IT Real estate Private Wealth Compliance Estate planning Corporate Contract Data protection Liability


An excellent professional, Andreia has a very strong critical sense.

Very pragmatic, client and results oriented, manages to efficiently lead a file to its end while creating a very good relationship with clients and peers.


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